Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grocery Shopping and Pantry Cleanout

My little helper Harper and I went to Earthfare last night. I knew we needed to purchase the "staples" to kick off this Paleo thing. One and a half hours later and $280 spent, we were in business. I knew the cost would be hefty at first. The oils, butter, meal/flours and maple syrup are very expensive. Hopefully they will last a while.

Harper helped me clean out the pantry when we got home. She is a working machine! We threw away two bags and one box of food. Most of the stuff was expired or halfway opened, so unfortunately I couldn't donate. We got rid of all the beans, soups, sugars, flours, crackers, etc. It was such a good feeling!

After she went to bed, I cleaned out the fridge and threw away another two bags full of stuff. Again, most of it was expired so it needed to be thrown away anyway.

It was such a good feeling to get all the "junk" out of our house. I can completely committed now and looking forward to this way of life!

Tonight we are having turkey meatloaf. I will post pics later. Stay tuned.

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